The "personal shopper" property and 5 "deceptions" most frequently to announce houses


Eloy and Maria Eugenia just landed in Madrid. They come from Tenerife. They have stayed with Rachel, who will make them a route through the capital. This is not a tour anyone, much less tourist: the plan is to visit four homes in a single day. Rachel is not your guide, but his agent, his "personal shopper" property. The efforts of these professionals save time and money with discounts of between 5% and 20%, when searching and buying a home. Unlike real estate agents (API), the personal shopper do not manage to sell property but advise clients looking to buy. Work exclusively for the buyer and are positioned always at his side, warn of the "deception or inaccuracies" of many real estate ads posed to the potential buyer, lose up to 100 hours of your time looking.

Within real estate professionals and companies to use, the activity of "personal shopper" is recognized for years in the US, Canada, UK or France, and emerged in Spain in 2010. Although still have a short development in last year has grown by 50%, according to the Spanish Association of Personal Real Estate Shopping (Aepsi). "In figures, this business has billed nearly 30 million in 2015," estimates Enric Jiménez, president and CEO of Somrie Aepsi, one of the pioneers in offering this service in the country. According Aepsi, the fees, which they are closed vary depending on the time devoted to finding a home, the budget that is counted and the complexity of the product: about 1%, calculated.

There are two types of clients I found the company Abalea, located in Madrid. Those who want to buy profitable to invest or those seeking a house as a residence "Customers who choose to buy for the first time usually looking for a floor between 80 and 100 m2, bright, with two bedrooms and neighborhoods well connected and lively comoChamberí, Moncloa or America, "says its managing partner." Instead, customers looking for a new home, they want to have between 120 and 200 m2, more than two bedrooms, garage in the building that needs reform and prefer to suit your tastes and needs. the areas are seeking the Salamanca district or Justice. "

From custom date, deadlines to close a purchase between two and three months, "although it is usual to set a period of six months to find the most appropriate criteria customer property", say from Undivided. "This service, both for purchase and for rent, is not exclusive to foreign customers with high purchasing power," says the president of Aepsi. "You can find investors who are interested in flats 300,000 or 400,000 euros to over one million, but also to those seeking houses 100,000 euros," Jimenez, while claiming more space and recognition shopper property staff in the sector, professionals with a service aimed at those buyers interested in saving time, money and hassle.

To facilitate the work of buyers, the Real Estate Personal Shopper offer a service that can save up to 70% of their time on visits and savings ranging between 5% and 20% of the published price of housing. They are responsible for search, including 100% of the homes for sale in areas of interest, the properties that meet the conditions requested by the buyer. And once identified, the Personal Shopper Real Estate advises and accompanies her client to see only those properties that have previously selected after a personal visit and a detailed study of all the pros and cons of housing. The second advantage is his experience to negotiate the final price.

The 5 most frequent "deception" in the real estate ads

Buying a home is one of the most stressful situations that a person goes through throughout his life. In addition to requiring a significant financial investment, through a long process involves knowing the market, visiting homes and negotiating with the owner and banks, to sign the operation. Throughout this route search becomes tedious when the potential buyer discovers that about 90% of the properties advertised on portals housing, accumulate at least one or two "inaccuracies" about his qualities.

These tricks pose to the potential buyer lose about 100 hours of tiempovisitando properties that do not meet their expectations., Says Ernesto Pérez Olivera, CEO of Undivided Personal Shopper, time would be significantly reduced if use is ajustase some of "deceptions "or" more frequent in the Spanish property market inaccuracies ".

  1. Excellent location. This is one of the most common tricks to draw attention to a home. It occurs especially in areas with greater recognition of large cities like Madrid, especially in the Barrio de Salamanca, El Viso, Almagro, etc. , According to Perez Olivera, they have visited homes that implied overlooking the Parque del Retiro, located nearly 700 meters from the park. In the same vein references to services near or on the coast are also seen, subjectivity regarding the proximity of homes on the beach with expressions such as "first line" or "near the sea".
  2. Surface Announced: 50 mts. Fact: 30 mts. This is another of the grossest falsehoods and less lend themselves to interpretations. However, says the manager of real estate Undivided Personal Shopper in almost all homes we find that a total price that does not match the valuation price square meter per actual surface, with consequent damage to the buyer is announced.
  3. Cozy apartment, ideal couples floor with many possibilities..., all these expressions we can find in any advertisement are euphemisms of the same: it is a small apartment and probably poorly distributed.
  4. To move into. Of course, this definition is very subjective. For many buyers it means that you only need to paint. Others assume that in addition to painting and knifed, needs some minor repairs. However, what is not acceptable is found under this striking headline, floors with reforms more than 7 or 8 years ago, with its consequent need of renovation.
  5. Expenses: 100 euros. However, Perez says Olivera, made due inquiries, we have found that the homeowners association has launched a spill that far exceeds the usual fee of 100 euros. And the problem is not in itself that amount, but not inform the prospective buyer of the situation.