30000 luxury homes for sale in Spain


Half of the viviedas luxury properties for sale are located in Madrid and Barcelona.

Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Balearic Islands, Malaga and Alicante are the areas where most of these homes are concentrated.

The average time to sell this real estate product is 7 months.

According to Eduardo Molet, real estate consultant in Spanish and international financial institutions, and founder of Expert Network Inmobiliarios real estate and training institute IFEM, for a house is luxury should be priced higher than 1 million euros sale. From here, there is only a limit, the super luxury, which would correspond with homes priced between 5 and 8 million euros.

This distinction also helps to calculate how many properties of these features there are on sale in our country. According to data collected by Eduardo Molet through some of the most important real estate portals in Spain there are about 30,000 luxury homes, namely 29,400. Most of them are located in five Spanish provinces. The ranking is headed by Madrid, with 8,990 homes. Then Barcelona appears with 7,100, with 2,992 Baleares, Malaga and Alicante 2,745 to 1,480. The average time it takes to sell this real estate product is 7 months.

As regards the houses super luxury Molet estimated that there are currently for sale 1,150 homes with these characteristics, divided between Madrid (486 apartments), Malaga (197), Balearic Islands (173) and Barcelona (160), by this order. His time of sale is somewhat higher than the previous, reaching 9 months.

How to sell a luxury house

The higher the price, the greater exclusivity in the sale, and this applies at all levels and all those involved in the transaction: the seller, buyer, sales techniques ... This means, among other things, that the real estate agent or has luxury homes in its portfolio, must have a very high level of expertise and access to a global network of contacts and international. "Although predominantly domestic buyer, the fact is that in recent years have joined the foreign buyers demand, both individual level as investment funds of other countries." Eduardo Molet currently estimated that 24% of buyers of luxury homes are foreigners, compared with 17% of those who buy lower-priced homes.

Then comes everything else that requires this type of real estate transactions: transparency, confidentiality, exclusive attention and direct treatment, and so on. Access to the potential buyer profile is vital. "In such transactions, especially in the super-luxury housing, the regular moves in circles restricted access. They are often entrepreneurs with a high purchasing power, but also successful athletes, celebrities or politicians." Also keep in mind that this type of buyer need not funding and is usually in a hurry, and that makes time selling luxury housing exceeds that of an average Spanish home.

Source: https://www.urbanoticias.com/hemeroteca/19019/30000_viviendas_de_lujo_a_la_venta_en_espana